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About Us

Fun and Sophisticated Fashion & Living

We are a lifestyle brand empowering people to love God, love themselves and others. 


We present fashion that makes a statement. We believe everyone has a voice and unique perspective. We also host events that celebrate our similarities and diversity, while empowering us to embrace the person God created us to be. Loving ourselves can help us to love others and appreciate the gifts God gives to each of us.

  • Books & Media

    Our goal is that you see yourselves or someone that you love in a new light... a more positive light. We lead with love and share stories, media and images that do the same. 

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  • Events

    3 Generations Tea (Annual Charity Event)

    We are privileged to host the 3 Generations Mother's Day Tea each year in multiple cities. This special tea party celebrates grandmothers, mothers, daughters and women and young ladies of all generations. We come together, sip tea and raise funds for The Alzheimer's Association and other local charities. Click here for more information or tickets.

  • Artwork

    Statements can be both seen and heard. Through our playful but uplifting art, we aim at inspiring people to remember their dreams and celebrate their victories.


    Is a graphic art print, available on Etsy, that inspires viewers to bottle that feeling of soaring and reaching for the sky.

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