5 Spring Break Essentials

5 Spring Break Essentials

Gabby starts spring break today, so I only thought it fitting to welcome spring (on one of the coldest days this month) with a post about what we’re bringing on vacation.

1. A tote bag - I never leave home without one. I never know what is going to happen, so I always keep snacks for the kids around when we are traveling. I also throw in books, wireless headphones, chargers, bug spray, and a small travel-size first aid kit. Hey, you never know what these kids are going to get into. 

May I recommend our “Blessing Bag” tote. It’s a nice, good sized canvas tote with a wonderful message.

2. An umbrella - They say April showers bring May flowers, but March rain can be a pain if you’re not prepared. In addition to preventing you from getting soaked by an unexpected rainfall, umbrellas can be an added form of UV protection for days when you’re hanging out at the beach, or in our case, at a track meet.

All of our umbrellas have an extra lining for added UV protection. 

3. A fun, lightweight, breathable t-shirt - What I like about t-shirts are their versatility. They can be used as a base layer when the mornings are chilly but the afternoons are toasty. You can place a sweater or Jean jacket over your tee and then take off the top layer when it gets warmer. I also like to use my t-shirts as cover ups when I’m just hanging out at the pool or water park. Listen, we have you covered when it comes to beautiful, soft, breathable and engaging t-shirts.

4. A good song - I usually set my spring break off with a sound track. A theme is always a great way to keep the excitement going in the family and it must match your spring break destination. For instance, “Welcome to Miami” may not be appropriate if you’re skiing in the Rockies!

Whatever your plans are for spring break, I hope they are blessed.

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